Lateral Careers drives top attorneys to your open jobs.
Unlimited Postings. Targeted Outreach. Qualified Candidates.

Why Lateral Careers?

Unlimited Job Postings

No need to prioritize which jobs are most important. It takes a team to succeed, and we don't want to stand in the way. (We can post for you, saving you time).

Increased Visibility of Job Postings 

We don't wait for candidates to find us. We proactively reach out to attorneys at large firms, mid-size firms, & boutiques, driving them directly to your job listings.

Qualified Candidates

Our targeted outreach based on human intelligence results in a greater probability of qualified candidates applying directly to your jobs.

Brand Image

Create a profile page that highlights your competitive advantages, your firm's environment, and your selling points to prospective candidates.

Law Firm Exclusivity

Job listings are posted by law firms only and are completely transparent. Applicants apply directly. No 3rd parties. No clutter.

No Barriers for Candidates

Candidates experience transparent job listings. No account or login required. This reduces job search friction and increases application conversions.

How We Work

Post Unlimited Jobs

Choose a subscription. Start posting or we'll post for you, keeping all jobs updated.

We Reach Out to Candidates

Based on specific criteria, we proactively contact attorneys driving them to your opportunities.

Candidates Search Jobs

Attorneys search for jobs with our user-friendly platform, quickly identifying opportunities of interest.

Candidates Apply Directly

You choose how candidates apply, either via email or on your site. Both result in direct applications.

Receive Quality Candidates

Our proactive approach increases the probability of law firms receiving qualified candidates.


You engage directly with candidates as the first point of contact in the interview process.

You communicate directly with candidates, strengthening the relationship throughout.

We have created a transparent lateral job marketplace with a search process that is quicker and easier for candidates. This keeps candidates interested and in control of their search.

Easing the Process

Attorneys are incredibly busy and deserve a place to navigate their job search quickly and easily. Lateral Careers has developed a seamless, integrated platform for attorneys to search for jobs quickly and apply directly.

Sourcing The Best Candidates

Both active and passive candidates from top firms and boutiques visit our site daily. We understand lateral recruiting from both the candidate’s and firm's perspectives, and therefore engage in proactive outreach driven by human intelligence.

Keeping Candidates Interested

You can choose to have candidates email their applications to you or we can send candidates to your firm's site to apply. Our goal is to increase application conversion rates, accelerating the experience for both candidates and employers.